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These physicians focus on treating conditions relating to the ears, nose, and throat and provide both medicinal and surgical assistance. Diseases treated include gastroesophageal reflux, sleep apnea, acute sinusitis, and cancer. Otolaryngologists treat diseases in the ears, nose, throat, sinuses, head, neck, and the body's respiratory system.


AAT has the potential to assist the body in so many ways for these specialists! Mark's number one item he uses as an example for the use of AAT is for the treatment of infants with inner ear infections! His dream is to have an aerosol form of AAT for parents or caregivers to spray into the ears of infants and toddlers to remove the excess white blood cells. Currently, many of these young ones require surgery and tubes to be inserted into the inner ear to drain the excess neutrophils! The joy of relieving pain in these young ones with a simple spray and avoiding surgery would be priceless!